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7 Open House Food Ideas to Make Your Open House a Success in San Jose

San Jose has a population of 1,008,072. The city is home to Silicon Valley, the technology center of the world. The area is home to tech start-ups and multinationals alike. Needless to say, property value in the area is quite high. The cost of living in San Jose is 49% higher than the national average, and it is the 31st most expensive city to live in in the world.

Houses for sale in San Jose are valued quite high. Property valuation is dependent upon the forces of demand and supply, and since demand is high, property value in San Jose is high. Potential homebuyers and investors are always looking for a good deal. Homeowners are the real winners in such a market.

Open House and Property Value

Open houses are a great way to show the property to potential buyers. It gives homeowners a chance to present their houses in a warm and welcoming manner so buyers can picture themselves living inside. On the flip side, open houses present an opportunity for potential buyers to inspect the property themselves.

While an open house does not add to the property value, it assists in decision-making. Out of all homebuyers, 48% only decide after attending an open house. This makes open houses an integral part of the home buying process.

Houses for sale in San Jose can reap the benefits of an open house. While factors such as the construction, the location, the amenities nearby, connectivity, and the type of neighborhood determine the property valuation when it comes to deciding on buying the property, small details matter as well. Since buying a house is one of the biggest investments for most individuals, homeowners cannot leave anything to chance. An open house event makes or breaks a property.

It is common to find some basic tips people give for houses for sale in San Jose. These include cleaning thoroughly, clearing away all the mess, making the house look warm, and being absent at the time of the open house. While these tips are great, open houses nowadays are much more competitive. Housing prices have risen drastically, and people are going to multiple open house events. The competition is far too steep. Using an open house as an opportunity to stand out from the rest and highlight the property value is the best course of action. Nothing makes a house appear more appealing than food. A welcoming gesture allows potential buyers to view the property more as a home rather than a construction.

7 Food Ideas to Make your Open House a Success

Here are the seven top food picks to make an open house event successful for houses for sale in San Jose:

1. Homemade Cookies

Cookies are a tried and tested open house food item. There are several reasons why cookies are so popular. Aside from being mouthwateringly delicious, cookies are the perfect open-house food item since they can be made easily in batches and stored in an airtight container for freshness. Visitors can munch on the snack while looking around the houses and assessing the property valuation without getting distracted by mess or any other inconvenience.

It is better to have homemade cookies since baking them at home will make the entire house smell wonderful. The delicious smell of baking gives a house a warm feeling which is extremely welcoming.

2. Sandwiches

Another convenient to make and eat snack is sandwiches. A sandwich can be eaten while on the move and can be surprisingly satisfying. A platter consisting of a variation of bite-sized sandwiches is simple to make. Yet it gives the impression that someone took a lot of time and effort to make the food. Even better, sandwiches can have a vegan option to cater to people with varying food preferences.

Cold sandwiches, especially, are a great choice since an inspection process can take a long time, and there may be multiple inspections in a single day. Cold sandwiches hold well for long lengths of time. However, any kind of food item should be wrapped up and covered to maximize hygiene.

3. Roasted Nuts

Most homeowners are simply too busy to make a special meal for the open house. A full-time job and other responsibilities may prevent people from going out of their way to cook or bake food for visitors coming in for a property valuation. This is why roasted nuts are the perfect food item.

An assortment of roasted nuts can be bought and placed in a glass bowl so that the nuts are visible through covered. A bowl of nuts gives a very wholesome look to any room. The fact that visitors can munch on the go is a bonus point.

4. Charcuterie

Houses for sale in San Jose can have a French feel to them with a charcuterie board. Even though it looks like it takes a lot of effort, simply getting an assortment of three or four ingredients and cutting them is all it takes. It is all about the arrangement with the charcuterie. Many people arrange even cut slices of cheese and cold cuts of meat in a way that is pleasing to the eye. The aesthetic quality of a charcuterie board is extremely eye-catching.

It is super easy to customize a charcuterie board, and it is not necessary to make one with cheese and meat alone. It can adapt to any diet preference, like vegan or gluten-free. A charcuterie board of sliced vegetables, like avocados, cucumbers, carrots, or fruits, like strawberries, pineapples, and grapes, can look exceptionally beautiful.

5. Brownies

Another favorite baking item is brownies. Homemade brownies give a personal touch, though getting a batch from the bakery works just as well. Having brownies around may not add to the property value, but they do help create a positive association with the property. The competition is so high in the housing market that the decision to buy one house over the other might just come down to a potential buyer’s gut feeling.

6. Pretzels

Most people like pretzels. There are simply so many variations to choose from when it comes to pretzels. Pretzels range from savory to sweet, and keeping an assortment at hand during an open house is a good idea. Property valuation experts highlight the need for the property to feel like a home. When a property feels like a home, buyers are more likely to envision themselves living inside it. Pretzels are a safe choice and excellent convenience food.

7. Fruits

Not all kinds of food are meant to be eaten. Some are simply for aesthetics, so the property value seems magnified. This is especially true in a post-COVID world. Eating while inspecting houses for sale in San Jose may not be everyone’s cup of tea. This does not mean that homeowners cannot jazz up the place and add a little color through strategically placed bowls of fruits. Seasonal fruits look wonderful. They add a nice touch and make the property appear warm and welcoming.

Selling a house is not an easy job. Property valuation has gone up the roof sellers are doing everything they can to convince potential buyers. Open houses under such circumstances are a way to highlight the best a property has to offer, even if it means being aware of such details as the food that is presented during an open house.

“San Jose’s housing market is experiencing a resurgence post-pandemic. Prices are up by 23.5% from last year, and now is the ideal time for homeowners to sell while prices are still high.”

— Sharad Gupta – YHSGR Founding Member

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