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Is A Home Seller Allowed To Cancelation Their Real Estate Contract?

What Is A Home Seller Cancellation Guarantee?

A home seller cancellation guarantee promises a home seller that if they are not satisfied with their real estate agent’s commitment and performance, they will be allowed out of their contract with no penalties or obligations.

Most listing agreements lock you into long-term commitments and lengthy broker protection periods with heavy cancellation fees. Unlike taking your house off the market, withdrawing from a purchase contract can cost you big time.

Does this mean you are stuck? Not if you have the right agent that will put it up front in writing with no hidden clauses.

Is A Home Seller Legally Allowed To Cancel Their Real Estate Contract?

This question is usually no or no without severe penalties and possible legal action. In other words, it’s an agreement your agent can get out of, but you can’t.

However, suppose you find a real estate agent that offers a Seller’s Cancellation Guarantee, in that case, yes, you can legally back out of your contract BEFORE an offer has been placed on your property.

Where To Find A Real Estate Agents That Offer A Sellers Cancellation Guarantee?

A local real estate agent in Bay Area offers a way to legally back out of your seller’s agreement. Here at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty- By Gupta Group, we are so confident that our real estate system will work for you that we guarantee you the right to cancel your listing agreement at any time before receiving an offer to purchase your home, with no penalties or obligations, if you feel our service doesn’t live up to our promise.

We are offering you a way to list your house risk-free.

Success in real estate is selling houses reasonably and for top dollar. We are confident that we can do this for you because our team has already helped thousands of families just like yours get their homes sold.

Because of our success rate, this is why most sellers never need to use this guarantee. Don’t just take our word for it. You can read our reviews here: 

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty; Our Name Is Our Promise

To discuss the sale of your home, call us at 408 740 7400, or fill out the form below to see how we can sell your house fast, for top dollar, and with a risk-free insurance policy. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed!

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