Non-Profit Stories: Inspiring Tales from Silicon Valley

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Uncovering the Stories of ChangeMakers

Embark on this journey with us, as we unfold the compelling stories of true changemakers, which often go unheard. These stories aren't just about non-profit organizations, but about the dedicated volunteers, passionate individuals, and committed leaders who are driving change in Silicon Valley.

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Immerse Yourself in the World of Non-Profit Stories

Through our Non-Profit Stories Podcast, you will learn about the nuances of non-profit management and the grit and resilience it takes to overcome challenges, plus you will gain a wealth of knowledge and insights from creative fundraising strategies and breakthrough innovations.

non-profit stories

Voices that Inspire

Each week we sit down with guests from different non-profit organizations to discuss their journeys, challenges, and the moments defining their work. These firsthand stories are what brings these non-profit organizations, and this podcast to life. We're excited to share and inspire, through the voices of these people, and their organizations that are deeply impacting their communities.

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About the Host:

Sharad Gupta

Sharad Gupta, a dedicated real estate professional and former tech expert, brings a wealth of life and professional experience to his role as a podcast host. Transitioning into real estate after a two-decade-long career in tech, Sharad is deeply committed to providing for his family, yet his true passion lies in community service. Inspired by his special needs son, he consistently raises funds for local organizations. His commitment extends to his pivotal roles as a San Jose Neighborhood Association Member and an active participant in the San Jose Rotary Club. Here, he tirelessly advocates for community betterment, initiating impactful service projects, and championing local issues. His diverse background, coupled with his relentless drive for community service, resonates deeply with his podcast audience, providing them with an inspiring and profound listening experience.

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