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We sell 48% more homes than any other real estate agent in the area. Our homes sell for an average of 7.3% higher than list price and in 14.2% less time than other agents in our area.

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Guide For Sellers

The Seven Seller Satisfaction Guarantees

  • Communication Guarantee:
    You will be kept posted on the progress of the sale of your home with an update every week. Your phone calls will be returned by a qualified Team Member within 24 hours. GUARANTEE: If we fail to up date you weekly or fail to return your call within 24 hours, we will give you $500.
  • Honest Promises Guarantee:
    Guarantee #1 is a good example. We are not going to wildly promise you the moon and stars to get your business. We will tell you what we can and will do, exactly how we operate, as well as what we will not do, up front, in clear language. When we list your home, we will give you a detailed Professional Service Agreement in writing. GUARANTEE: if at any time, we fail to honor that agreement, we will give you $500.
  • Reality Based Selling Price range:
    We get you top dollar. Our track record and statistics prove it. But we will never play the ‘bait n switch’ game of promising to get you a wholly unrealistic price just to get your listing, then wearing you down with low ball offers. Unfortunately, this does go on in our business. GUARANTEE: for every $5,000 we sell your home for, below the agreed upon range, we will give you $500.00 (up to a maximum of $2,000). We will also buy your home for a pre-agreed price at any time you like*.
  • Reality Based Timetable:
    We implement a complete marketing program, to sell your home. You know in advance what will occur step by step, and will receive weekly marketing updates. And we set a “target range” for the timing of the successful sale of your home. In many cases, we will sell your home faster. GUARANTEE: If we fail to sell your home within 29 days we will give you a $100.00 for each week after that (up to a maximum of $2,000). We will also buy your home for a pre-agreed price at any time you like*.
  • Honest Presentation of Experience and Track Record:
    Everything stated about the Team throughout these materials is summarized in our “FACTS” brochure. This is an accurate, factual representation, fully supported by documentation, provided on request. GUARANTEE: If anyone can demonstrate that any of these statements or statistics summarized in the “FACTS” brochure is false, Sharad Gupta will donate $500.00 to the charity of their choice.
  • Qualified Buyers Guarantee:
    Our marketing systems and consumer programs automatically sift and sort out the best qualified prospects for your home. We will not ask you to leave your home and allow us to show it to any Buyer unless they have been pre-qualified to buy your home and are genuinely interested in your homes features. We will not just give lip service to “Only Qualified Buyers Need Apply” for your home. GUARANTEE: If your home fails to close on time due to a Buyer “financially not qualifying”, we will give you $500.00.
  • Cancellation Guarantee:
    Entering into a Listing agreement with a real estate agent can be a risky business. Every sales representative will lock you into long-term commitments and lengthy broker protection periods, while promising the world when it comes to effectively marketing your home. But many fail to back that up with solid performance. When we list your home we will include a cancellation guarantee. GUARANTEE: We guarantee you the right to cancel your listing agreement at any time prior to receiving an offer to purchase your home, with no penalties or obligations, if you feel our service doesn’t live up to our promises.

No other Real Estate Agent or Team will do more to sell your home for the most amount of money, in the shortest period of time and with the least hassles for you.

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Client Satisfaction!


It allowed us to buy our dream house, probably our forever home...

The Castro Family


He’s very consultative, gave us advice. Help us solve our problem and help us sold our house.

The Braun Family


When the sellers looked at ours, it is the perfect situation for them because they have a guaranteed close and a quick close.

Chelsea Shang & Alden Yi


He understood my situation very well, he guided me and he was very patient with me and answered all of my questions.

Priti Pawar Household


Sharad, fortunately, has a very competent team of assistants, network of mortgage brokers, along with the property managers.

The Aditya Family


You guys were patient enough to hear our price point and the maximum that we can afford so that was useful.

The Shayanai Family


I think its a no-brainer, they were very attentive, they were very responsive to any questions that I had. It's transparent, open and honest

The Halbert Family

Definitely a 5! Had the best experience in working with YHSGR-Gupta Group! They have outstanding service answering all our questions before moving. They did a great Job showcasing the properties either virtually or during open houses. Excellent job in assisting us with everything! Highly recommended!

Faith Retes

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty and their Trade up program paved me way to buy my dream property after they helped me to sell my old property, the way they evaluate the property in a view to get the best price for the seller actually made me believe in Mr Gupta and his team. I am happy that I gave them the right to finalize the price based on their years of experience due to which I got better price than what I expected. These are the best guys to get in touch if you are looking to sell your property.

Veronica Coubertier

I got my property sold in just a couple of days with Your Home Sold Guaranteed realty. This team helped me to get this accomplished and I really thank them and would like to recommend their Trade up program to my friends and family members for selling their property.

Negro’ Galván

Me and my daughter decided to sell our property as I lost my husband recently. I contacted Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty and these guys did everything possible to get us best price for our property, They were very cooperative and their experience over the years in this industry was the only reason why we got very good price for our property. I cannot thank them enough for their timely help on selling my property.

Shehab Almuslehi

Are you looking to sell your property? Let it be a small condo or a villa I would recommend you to contact Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty’s Trade up program and his team of experts. They would sell any property in - as it is - condition but still get the best market price for your property as they did the same to my property. I am going to be their fan forever in regards to selling properties.

Brine Alex

Hi friends – I sold my property with Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty and was surprised with their immense market knowledge on evaluating the property they check each and every detail and mention it in their listing and I thought this is made to reduce the value for me but with their Trade Up program I got the price that was very much appropriate for my house.

Ecole- de -Coiffure

This is my honest insight on Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty these guys are very straight forward in their dealing, they would not give you sweet lies to dream and in reality would taste bitter but they would be honest in all reply to your queries. I recommend them to you if you are here looking to find the best realtor to sell your property.

Lukus Mark

I sold my house within a month through Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, I thought it would take very long due to pandemic and people were not working around, But thanks to the internet which had taken things online and most of the discussion happens over the net in SKYPE or ZOOM. They visited us personally only twice once for evaluating and then finally for signing up the deal. It was a wonderful experience dealing with these guys and they are driven by customer satisfaction to be precise. I would recommend them to my friends and family to sell their house or property.

Isabella M

My experience working real estate transactions with the Gupta Group has been absolutely transparent, professional, and thorough. I've gone through many real estate agents but this agency and Sharad are top notch. They go the extra mile in understanding my needs and this absolutely matters when they put in an offer for a buyer. Very happy to have worked with with them and highly recommend!

Patrick OKeefe

I bought a home during the pandemic. Sharad and his team were responsive, helpful and on top of all questions and showings that I had requested during this process. I would rate them 5/5 for an exceptional service and customer oriented focus. Thanks Sharad and team for helping me with the home buying process in a crazy market and an even crazier pandemic time.

Rashmi Chandrasekhar

ONLY THE BEST VALUE FOR YOUR PROPERTY- Are you looking for selling your property. let me tell you that if you would contact (Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty) you would get the right kind of value for your property with their TRADE UP PROGRAM designed in such a way that even the first time sellers would have hassle free experience selling their property (that is what I exactly experienced with them) and I assure you once you get to deal with this company, for all your future needs you would definitely end up going back to them as you know their quality of service and speed of transaction that amazes even the very well versed people in the industry.

Carry Tim

They helped me sell my house in 10 days. The first customer that came to view the house ended up buying it. They have serious buyers affiliated and are not wasting anyone’s time. Impressed by their quick service. Would recommend them to my friends and family.

Shobuz Rana

Working with YHSGR has been an awesome experience! Great service and great people! I couldn't ask for more. Thank you, YSHGR!

Jaycy Talaboc

They know what they are doing. They have a great communication service that provides regular updates on our property. I had to sell my house, and I listed it on their website. They provided me updates for 2 weeks before it was sold. It felt good to be in the mix of things and it helped build trust between us.

Sanjeev Raju

It was a pleasure working with Sharad and team at the Gupta Realty group. We worked with them to renovate and rent our property in the Bay Area. They were a one-stop-shop for all of our needs, and very responsive over email, chat, phone. The quality of work was extremely good. I highly recommend them for your real estate needs.

Pranav Kantawala

I am shouting out loud of my throat to “Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty” for his fantabulous work on selling my house. He was very much interested in knowing what my problems are in selling the property. His years of expertise gave me all the answers. I would again use his services for sure if needed.

Suresh Ramachandran

I recently moved to the Bay Area, and wanted a condo for myself. I contacted several realtors but their pricing was very high. At the end I stumbled upon them, and they gave me a really good quote on a very nice condo. The deal was completed in less than a week, and I got the keys to my new condo very soon. A tough procedure became very easy, all thanks to them.

Dewbee Sababan

My Husband and I recently moved to this city, and wanted a place of our own. We searched different websites, but did not find the right price and the house. It was then, when we found out about them. Their website looked great, and we liked a house as the price seemed good too. We contacted them and we fixed a meeting soon. We went to view the house, and ended up buying it in 3 days. Really quick and polite service. Amazed by their hospitality.

Mahboubeh Lahijani

What a great plan they have introduced for the likes of people who want to sell their house immediately and want quick cash. I used their new Trade-Up program and saw my house selling in just 3 days. Extremely satisfied by their service.

Francis Orense

I just sold my big luxury home in 4 days all thanks to them. They also fixed me a deal that helped me get more money than what I would get from the market. Surely, one of my best decisions is to choose them and will suggest everyone try them out.

Sivakami P
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