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Food Recovery: Silicon Valley’s Mission to Minimize Food Waste Video

In This Episode:

In Silicon Valley, approximately 100,000 tons of excess food is generated annually, but only 40% is recovered, costing local businesses $50 million. Less than 20% of food recovery organizations track nutritional content, emphasizing the need for improved data collection and economic analysis to enhance recovery effectiveness and health impacts.

Food Recovery Problems Of Silicon Valley

  • Excess Food Production and Waste: Silicon Valley restaurants and grocery stores produce about 100,000 tons of excess food annually, of which only 40% is recovered. 
  • Economic Costs of Food Waste: Silicon Valley businesses lose about $50 million annually to food waste. Economic studies could reveal savings from better waste management.
  • Health Impacts of Recovered Food: Fewer than 20% of food recovery organizations in Silicon Valley systematically track the nutritional content of the food they distribute.

"Once we secured a utility vehicle, our capacity to collect and deliver food doubled overnight. We went from 250 pounds to 500 pounds of food a day."

About Paul DiMarco:

Paul DiMarco is the founder & director of No Time To Waste (NTTW). NTTW is a food recovery organization based in San Jose. Paul started NTTW as a means