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Service Dog: Changing Lives, One Bark at a Time in Silicon Valley Video

In This Episode:

In Silicon Valley, 30% of service dog handlers face access denials, compounding the challenge of a 60% accessibility gap. Only 30% of individuals with disabilities have access to service dogs, with an awareness deficiency resulting in just 20% seeking assistance from available resources.

Service Dog Problems Of Silicon Valley

  • Discrimination Challenges: Despite legal protections, 30% of service dog handlers in Silicon Valley report facing discrimination or access denials in public spaces.
  • Accessibility Gap: Only 30% of individuals with disabilities in Silicon Valley have access to trained service dogs, leaving a significant gap in assistance despite a demand of 60%.
  • Awareness Deficiency: Due to limited awareness about available resources, a mere 20% of eligible individuals in Silicon Valley seek assistance from service dog organizations.

"Our service dogs not only assist with mobility but act as social bridges, helping people like children on the autism spectrum and veterans with PTSD integrate more fully into society."

About Sue Guzman:

Sue Guzman is a 25+ year volunteer for Canine Companions for Independence. In ad