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Top Realtor in Bay Area; Lies and Misconceptions

You might think the top realtor in Bay Area who has reached the highest level of achievement means that you would never have access to them. 

Instead, it would be random people on their team. This is simply not true. It’s a lie and misconception  that other agents tell you.


They can’t fathom that a five-star realtor could or would work closely and directly with the clients they care about.


Beware of these lies because you might choose the wrong realtor to work with.

Putting your trust in someone with a large sum of money is scary. You will need a top-producing realtor that has your back.

Lie # 1. You Can’t Argue with OUR Success, but You Don’t Really Get Us, You Actually Get Assistants

Since they can’t argue the facts, other agents need to make up a lie because they want you to believe that a realtor at this level is so big they don’t have time for you.

Unfortunately, you believe that We are not part of your home buying or selling process. This is absolutely not true!


First of all, you get  YHSGR elite, an award-winning team of top-producing real estate agents with expert assistants.

Our team includes licensed real estate agents with years of experience. They have had award-winning training and coaching and are supervised every day in person by us

Lie # 2. If the Top Producing Realtor in Bay Area

Has a Team than You Really Aren’t Getting 

Did you know that top-producing realtors did not get there alone? Think about that for a moment.

We all know behind very successful people, there is always a team or family who helped get them to the top.

Why go at it alone when you can go together as a team?

Haven’t we all heard and experienced that there is power in numbers. Two is always better than one? Right?


The team approach is the preferred way of serving clients in real estate and many other fields.

Of course, no solo realtor can handle everything all at once.