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Access Off-Market Homes; Never Miss Out On Buying Your Home

Deciding To work with a real estate agent who has access to off-market homes means you will never miss out on buying your dream home.

Did you know that nearly 50% of the home sales were done outside of the MLS last year? 

This means that most buyers are missing out on half of the available homes in Bay Area because they were only searching on Zillow®, Trulia®, Redfin® & MLS!

However, this is excellent news for you because, with access to our hot off-market homes, you can be the first one to view these properties before anyone else.

And who doesn’t love being first?

Beat Out Other Home Buyers with Access to Off-Market Homes 

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty- By Gupta Group is proactive at finding homes that no other buyers have access to! 

We never want you to waste your time looking at outdated information by searching the internet for listings everyone else has access to. We want to give you the chance to see homes before other buyers. 

This gives you advantages like:

  • Negotiating the lowest possible price 
  • Avoiding bidding wars
  • Avoiding losing the house to another buyer 
  • Beating out other buyers in the marketplace

Let’s look at how you can get access, where to look, and how it works.

How to Get Access to Off-Market Homes in Bay Area

You need to know that not all real estate agents have priority access to off-market homes.

If you want to be the first to see these properties, you will need to work with real estate agents like us. 

When interviewing agents to work with, they should never charge you a fee or ask for an obligation for you to access off-market listings. 

RUN if they want to charge you or ask you to sign anything!

Getting Access To Off-Market Homes and How It Works: 

You can request priority access to our off-market homes by filling out the form below with your criteria. 

Once the form is complete, you will receive a FREE report listing the best buys on the market that are not online. The list of homes you will receive will be in your desired price range and location. 

We will send this secret information to you simply and efficiently via email. 

Get Help From a Professional Real Estate Agent in Bay Area

If you have any questions or need help searching for a new home, reach out to one of our expert real estate agents at contact us here.