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Covid-19 Home Seller Protection Plan In Bay Area

Selling Your Home In Bay Area During The Covid-19 Pandemic

If we have learned anything during the last few years, it is that protecting ourselves and our loved ones is of the utmost importance during this time.

With many people stuck in their homes for a long time under quarantine or staying home as much as possible, it seems like this might not be the best time to sell your home.

But what if you need to sell your home right now?

Do you have any safe options?

One local real estate agent has solved this dilemma.

Covid-19’s Seller Protection Plan

Our COVID-19 Seller Protection Program solves this dilemma by offering more than one way to keep you safe.

We are selling homes 100% virtually without any need to enter the home. Because we are a large team and have handled thousands of transactions, we have proprietary systems to ensure your family is safe.

You will never have to:

● leave your home

● have people in your home
● or leave the house for the paperwork

Everything is 100% done virtually. Our COVID 19 Seller Protection Program makes the house selling process safe in these uncertain times.

Selling Your Home 100% Virtual Explained:

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty-By Gupta Group has a database of over 34,500  buyers looking to buy a home.

We match your home’s criteria to our database of buyers’ search criteria. We then send your home’s virtual tour video done by our in-house professional photographer or yourself (Don’t worry, we’ll show you how).

We then negotiate an acceptable offer between you and the buyer for your home, choose a closing date, and sign all 100% virtually.

Covid 19 Seller Protection Means Your Home Will Sell During This Time Guaranteed

In the unlikely event that your home does not sell within 14 days, we will buy your home myself for the upfront guaranteed sale price we set together. *YHSGR and seller must agree on a price before we list the home

You’re double protected because if you receive an offer on your home higher than the guaranteed sale price, you get the higher offer, not us.

Think of this as better than a risk-free insurance policy. When you receive this guaranteed price from me in writing, you will have the security of knowing that your home is guaranteed to sell.

With our Covid-19 Home Seller Protection Plan, you don’t have to sell out your health to sell your home.

If you need to sell your home today, reach out to one of our real estate experts at 408 740 7400 or fill out the form below for more information and start packing!

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