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What Questions Do I Ask A Real Estate Agent Before I Hire Them?

Not all real estate agents are the same. If you seek an agent's help when selling or buying your home, you need some good information before making any moves. So, what questions do you ask before you hire a real estate agent?

You will want to ask specific questions and most real estate agents would instead of you not.

Before diving into just a few of those questions, read a new report titled “10 Questions You Must Ask When Interviewing an Agent.” This report identifies 10 critical questions that will help you accurately predict how good of a job this agent will do for you.

Let's look at just a few critical questions.

what questions - Your Home Sold Guaranteed
The More Home Buyers, The Higher Chance of Home Selling

Question 1. How Many Buyers Are You Currently Working With?

The more buyers your agent works with, the better your chances are of selling your home quickly.

It will also impact price because an agent with many buyers can set up an auction-like atmosphere where many buyers bid on your home simultaneously. Ask them to describe the system they have for attracting buyers.

what questions - Your Home Sold Guaranteed
Carefully Compare Your Agents' Home Selling Price